Bounce Rate And Why It’s Important For Your Online Business

What Is A Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate is the rate of activity – or lack of it – that occurs on any page of your website.

In other words, a high (or seemingly ‘bad’) bounce rate is when the number of people who visit a single page on your website without further action exceeds the number of people who actually do something, such as clicking on a link, filling out a form, or actually turning into a customer or client and purchasing your product or service.

A low (or good) bounce rate signals the opposite, indicating that the number of people performing specific actions on your websites exceeds the number who just leave, or ‘bounce.’

A high bounce rate isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it depends on the actual structure of your website. For instance, a high bounce rate is perfectly normal if your website is actually just a single page, such as a blog, or offers content for which single-page sessions are expected.

But if the success of your website depends on users performing all kinds of actions, then a high bounce rate is bad news, and indicates that the content on your website doesn’t match what visitors were looking for.

The Importance Of Bounce Rate For Online Business Success

A high or low bounce rate indicates the effectiveness of your current overall digital marketing strategy.

An optimal (or low) bounce rate is 26–40%, an average bounce rate is 41–55%, and a high bounce rate is between 56% and 70%.

Damage Control: What To Do If Your Bounce Rate Is High

There are two key ways to lower your site’s bounce rate and retain visitors (who can be potentially converted into customers). First, consider the potential factors that contribute to why people leave your website so quickly. And second, implement strategies that will help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Potential Factors That Lead To High Bounce Rates

These include:

  • Slow page speed
  • Pop-ups
  • Unnecessary plugins
  • Poor usability
  • Title tags and meta descriptions that aren’t properly optimised
  • Blank pages and technical errors
  • Low-quality content 
  • Pages that aren’t mobile-friendly
  • Improperly implemented Google Analytics setup

Strategies For Lowering Your Bounce Rate And Retaining Visitors

Some strategies to consider:

  • Review pages with the highest exit volumes using Google Analytics. Navigate to Behavior > Site Content > Exit Pages to find the pages in your site with the highest exit volumes.
  • Utilise A/B testing. This is a great way to compare how well the design and calls-to-action (CTAs) on a particular page appeal to visitors. Running an A/B test means you would show one page to half your visitors and the second to the other half and then analyse which page keeps visitors on your site for a longer time period.
  • Make your pages more inviting and readable with a well-crafted website design, including the use of white space, larger font sizes and subheadings to break up content blocks, plus shorter, easy-to-skim paragraphs. You can also utilise a professional website design company such as Coreweb Development, whose team of experts, including WordPress designers, will create for you a bespoke website to ‘wow’ your visitors from the very first click.
  • Target high-value traffic keywords, ensuring the keywords you choose to drive traffic to your site actually reflect your site’s purpose!

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