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What's The Difference Between Your Agency And A Website I Can Get For Very Cheap?

There are website builders out there like Wix which all you to get websites for very cheap and sometimes even free, but before you decide to go for a company like this there are a few things that you should consider about your business. Do you have the skills or enough time to complete the website that you desire? Does your website require specific features or do you want your website to be unique in order to build a brand identity that you won’t be able to create using a rigid page builder?

Our websites are crafted by professionals who have the skills to create you an extremely professional, fast and optimized website that will not only generate you traffic but will also build you loyal customers. Each of our websites are optimized for search engines, developed for desktop and mobile devices and are designed using our years of experience.

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How Much Does A Website Cost?

Unfortunately, the answer really does depend on what you require, although our mission is to support smaller businesses in every way that we can and we have chosen our prices to accommodate that.

A website is much more than just looking great, and if you want your website to do more than just look good as well as generating you more business,  then having a good backend is essential. Behind a good website, there are carefully placed features that not only ensure that you will show on Google but also depending on the type of website you need, these features may be required for the website to work the way you intend.

We offer no-obligation proposals for all potential website design projects, feel free to get in touch or give us a call to talk to an expert from our team.

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What Costs Are Involved?

Website and Email Hosting – Once we develop your website it needs somewhere to live, these servers are what allow people to find your website online. We only use the fastest hosts available for your target audience which allows us to create websites up to 3x faster than generic website builders like Wix. These costs are anywhere from £15/£20 per month depending on your website requirements. The bigger your website, the more power your server will require in order to run at tip-top shape.

Domain Registration – Once we’ve sorted your hosting you are going to need a domain. This is the address that people use in order to find your website. Domains range from £5 to £20 a year depending on the name that you choose.

Designer Costs – Each of our design projects take days of design and development in order to create something that you are envisioning. All of our websites are also SEO optimized for sites like Google and Bing to make sure that you appear on the first page for terms relating to your business.

Support – All of our packages include 6 months of support and maintenance where required, we do also offer monthly retainers after the 6 month period where we can update your website and offer technical support as needed.