Make 2020 a Better Year – Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

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The website lacks information about the company, what it offers and why people should choose it.

Perhaps this is one of the biggest mistakes because the moment a web page loads, users will have an impression in a matter of.05 seconds. Even if everything else is right, when users cannot see what they want or need, they will press the back button particularly when they are in the B2B sector.

About 46% of potential customers leave right away if they do not see what is offered by the company. The website should at least have a clear display of the company’s products/services as well as elements that can earn the trust of potential customers like awards, testimonials and industry affiliates.

It takes more than 3 seconds for the website to load.

Most people are impatient whenever they make a purchase in physical stores but most especially when buying online, which is triggered by the “back” button. Consumers do not like to wait long for anything therefore a website should always load fast.

By fast, it does not mean below 10 or even 5 seconds since 47% of users are expecting a page to load in a maximum of 2 seconds. The percentage is higher (53%) among mobile phone users.

The font sizes on the website are too small to see and therefore not reader-friendly.

It is not good for viewers to squint whenever they read text on a website. For many internet users, it is just a waste of time to try to read such nonsense.

One flaw that is commonly seen in website design is text that is hard to read because of its font size.

The text of the body should be more than 14px and in Sans Serif font, which is more readable and compatible with all types and sizes of devices. When viewers need to squint just to read a website text on a mobile gadget then this problem has to be discussed with the web designer.

There are several links on the website that lead to other Browser windows.

This lets users have a bad experience when using the website. Even if users want to leave the site, they could not see a back button for them to go back to. Another time waster is opening several browser windows at one time that makes it frustrating to navigate especially when using a mobile device. Besides, this takes up bandwidth, slowing down the device of users and ruining their online experience.

There are Social Media icons at the top of the website.

This problem, which is common to most websites, encourages users to immediately leave the site and could also cause distraction. When they migrate to social media, they may go on a scrolling spree and possibly never return to the website. So, it is best to put the icons anywhere except the top. These can be placed on the side, in the middle or at the bottom.

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