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If you’re a current Coreweb Development customer, please get in contact if you don’t want to manually manage your site. With all our packages we offer you assistance with all website changes you want to make.

Confirming your bookings with customers

When you receive a new booking, it will show up under your Bookings tab in your admin dashboard.

Selecting into your new booking will give you all the information about their booking. From here you can view their customer information and confirm, change or cancel their booking.

By default payment is taken at the time of the customer placing their booking. If you want to cancel and rearrange their order you will need to confirm with the customer. Once you confirm or change their booking, your customer will automatically be notified that you have confirmed/changed their booking.

Once you’re into your booking information, you want to select your booking status and change it from Paid to Confirmed. This will then send the customer the email to say that you have confirmed their appointment. From here you can also change basic information about their booking. You can change the start and end time of the booking if you believe it will take longer. You can also adapt they day they are booked in for. We don’t recommend doing this before communicating with the customer however as a new time may not be convenient for them.


From this same screen you will see an option to refund a customer. Once you select refund, it will ask you how you would like to go through this process. You can either refund using their payment method manually or refund using cash.

Editing existing products/bookings

All your active/inactive products and bookings show up under the products tab in your admin menu. From here you can edit, remove and add new products.

To edit or remove a product/booking is easy for you to achieve. You can edit the product you wish to by selecting the edit button below the title.

This will bring you to your product information, from here you can edit the title at the top. If you scroll down you will find the meta box to edit the information you need to.

Changing how long each booking will last

In order to change the time each booking will take, you will need to stay on the first page of this meta-box, at the top you will see booking duration. Change the time duration that follows: Fixed Blocks of.

Changing the price

On the left side of this meta box you will see: Costs. Select this and it will open a new window for you to manage. On the top half of this window you will see base cost. You can change this value, and then once you’ve published your changes they will be live on your website.

Changing your available hours

Sometimes things happen and you need to change your hours, this happens and we make it as easy as possible!

Head over to Bookings>Settings, this will open a dashboard with a time editor for your store availability.

Your hours may differ, however on website setup they will be setup for your business, so editing is the same process.

Now editing is pretty self-explanatory, go through this form and edit the days you wish to change the hours for, if you want to remove a day simple select the X, if you want to add a day, you can add a range and set the Bookable option to Yes.

Publishing your changes

Once you’ve made the changes you need to, you can publish these changes! In order to do this, Scroll back up until you see Update on the right hand side, it will then say: Updating then updated and you’re done!

Go back to your website and it will be updated!

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